So, as we enter March, Midgard is back up past the 30 mark, and self sufficiency is almost live, albeit a month late. Soren Tollak finally seems to have stopped bothering us and the only trouble we've recieved got nipped right in the bud earlier, with a little help from Wikia central (brianja2 AKA ScotchIrish was sabotaging pages).

So, March....the month that contains my birthday, dont forget about that Midgard. I want 23 Kegs, one for every year of my life. I would love to see Midgard hit the 40 mark in March. Im sure it can be done, we have a lot of good fine people onboard. Always the trend that each time I retry a Fremennnik themed clan, its better than the last, 5 months old and going strong. 40 members, this will take some work. But no more crappy recruitment events in Falador, where 8 out of 10 people who come forward, do so to insult us. Its actually a pretty depressing idea that these kids pay membership for RuneScape just to go around being pests, like they get their kicks from it.

My first blog...ever. Feels strange.

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