Hello, I would like to welcome you to my personal Page of Midgard. I will post blog updates, skills, goals ranks and such. I will also keep in touch with the clan through this page. I joined Sunday, February 20, 2011

Favorite Quote: "Pie in a blender!" quoted by, PkerV12

Likes:Mature People, Food, Runescape, Pie, Pie, umm the math kind of pie... i dunno stop asking me all these hard quetions!

Why Am I Here?: To better the clan and kill noobs :D

Favorite thing to do?: Owning Noobs


Current Skills:

Attack:72 Health:74 Mining:64

Strength:70 Agility:36 Smithing:53

Defence:73 Herbie:31 Fishing:76

Ranged:70 Theif:44 Cooking:65

Prayer:45 Crafting:61 Firemakeing:62

Magic:76 Fletching:64 Woodcut:76

Runecrafting:38 Slayer:37 Farming:30

Construction:56 Hunter:59 Summoning:17


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