Emblem of Midgard

Themed clan wars events are, like the name suggests, occasions when Midgard heads down to clan wars for a special staged battle, for entertainment.

A lot of confusion and chaos ensues when these events are called, so I am making this page as an information guide, for clan members to refer to. This is primarily to make the event run smoother, when it does happen.

Basic Information:Edit

  • Fights take place in two teams, trying to keep the avarege combat level of each team as equal as possible. One team wears the standard Midgard red Fremennik cloak (from formal), while the other wears black Fremennik cloak. This is to tell eachother apart more easily.
  • Gear is restricted to Fremennik armors and weapons only, Rockshell, Spined, Skeletal, yak hide etc. A full list of allowed gear can be found below.
  • The actual fights will generally take place in single combat areas...piling really isn't that fun, it proves nothing and is dishonourable too.

Approved Gear:Edit

Melee weapons:

A solid Melee setup, all items shown here are allowed.

Fremennik Blade, Balmung, Hastae, Battle axes, warhammers up to ADAMANT, NO STRONGER. (This is because the Fremennik blade has power in the Adamant scimitar area).

Ranged Weapons:

Seercull Crossbows and Thrownaxes, again the Thrownaxes/Crossbows NO STRONGER than Adamant, if you're bringing them along. Also, please be sporting, and dont bring along overpoweringly strong arrows/bolts...again, it's dishonourable.

Mage Weapons:

Just basic elemental staves - which self respecting Fremennik would fight using magic anyway?

Everything else:

  • Rockshell, Spined, Skeletal, Yak hide.
  • Fremennik sea boots 1 to 4.
  • Safety gloves or basic leather gloves. Also, the gloves for rockshell, spined and skeletal work.
  • Red/black Fremennik cloaks (depending on your team).
  • All Fremennik Helms.
  • Any amulet.
  • Shields are limited to Fremennik shield (Rellekka), or its arctic pine counterpart.

Extra Information:Edit

When this event is called and you as a clan member, doesn't know what to do, you will be refered to this page. All the information you need is here, so please don't pester clan leadership with now-redundant questions, chances are we will be busy.

In the event that people bring along un-allowed weapons into the clan war, and actually use them, they shall be instantly kicked from said battle and will also be reprimanded later. Push come to shove, we can use bag callers, but let's not have it come to that.

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