Rellekka's Northen Beach, when free of Outlanders...

The beach to the North of Rellekka is a multi combat zone, full of Rock Crabs, Hobgoblins and item respawn points. The Beach is often the subject of Outlander training, seeing as how Rock Crabs have a high amount of health and can only hit up to 10. Outlanders can, however, be easily moved by attacking the same Rock Crabs as them which after a short while will result in them moving away or hopping worlds all together.

The Beach itself is the home of 20 Rock Crabs, 5 Hobgoblins, 2 Bones, 1 Iron Pickaxe, 1 Bronze Hatchet, 1 Sapphire, 1 Knife and 2 Nature Runes.

Creatures and ResourcesEdit

  • Creatures
    • Rock Crab (X20)
      North Beach Map

      Locations of creatures and resources on Rellekka's North Beach

    • Hobgoblin (X5)

  • Resources
    • Bronze Hatchet
    • Iron Pickaxe
    • Knife
    • Sapphire (Needs to be tele-grabbed)
    • Nature Runes (X2)
    • Bones (X2)

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