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Recruitment events are when Midgard heads out into the greater RuneScape world in an organised group, to search of potential recruits. These events often happen unplanned, but one thing that will always remain constant: formal wear. Generally a recruitment event will take place when there are a lot of people in the clan chat, and if the mood in said clan chat seems right - there is no point in (some cases) making people do an event when they dont really feel like it. But always remember clan, anyone can suggest (Here), plan and carry out an event, and it's nice to know that some do.


Theres no real method to this sort of event, basicly we head to a populated area, often Falador. We either teleport right in, or trek down from Rellekka. The treks tend to be more enjoyable though. We bring beer, and basicly sit/stand around drawing attention to ourselves, hopefully good attention. Often we recieve it, and find people who are interested in joining. More often than not, we recieve abuse from people who seemingly play RuneScape only to be disruptive and rude - trolls.

The word Fremennik is plural and singular, silly Outlander =)

Remember, clan - do not give these idiots what they want, which is a reaction. It has happened before, when we rise to their abuse, and it only got worse and worse. The only way to really deal with them is Ignore list. Its not like we go to Falador specifically to feed the trolls, is it? As for the people who seem interested and polite, we chat to them and tell them a little about the clan, then if they still seem interested, we take them to induction.

Another good method is, bring lots of clan members along, as many as possible - the more preset the bigger the visual impact. Also, the formal wear suggests uniformity, structure and integrity.

Also, advertising, dont spam. But periodic statements like "Join Midgard, Fremennik themed clan!" work.

This was before the formal outfit was developed or required.

Proof that recruitment events work:Edit

Here is a list of Midgard clan members who are still with us, gained from recruitment events:

  • Corvus-Corox
  • Hyper Munkee
  • Odhran Ivarr
  • Oziale
  • Balrak XVIII
  • Schepp
  • Shade Syvian
  • Backthrust

And many more who have since left the clan.


Is this method really that efficient? No. But until we cook up something better here, this will have to make do. This form of recruitment event has found us many a fine clan member. Resolve in the face of adversity. Virtue. 07:34, February 15, 2011 (UTC)

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