This page is for messages between Midgard clan members, event planning, and general reminders.

Planned events posted on here should be wiped at the end of the date they were supposed to take place.


  • The Military (Militär) Page is up, for managing and coordinating Midgard's Military.
  • Midgard! Jagex is most likely going to bring voice chat into the game. This is a good idea, but it will take some time. In the meantime, how about we all get on Skype? More than a couple of us already have.
  • If you can't upload your own profile picture see Bardor, Ralrak or Thorvald II, they can all take it for you.
  • Midgard Code of Conduct now up, please read it, that's to all members, thank you. Thorvald.
  • The Market (Under Construction, Trial Version)
  • New Special Positions/Unranked Duties page is up for listing of special positions or unranked duties assigned to miscellaneous clan members.
  • Resource Management/Coordination page is up to help manage and coordinate the resources in the hands of our skillers. All villagers are required to have their name under at least one skill.
  • Bardor, a category containing the pages that need to be deleted has been created for your conveinence. Here.

Events planned for 17/03/11:

  • St Patricks Day - The Green Fremennik!
    With Saint Patricks day on Thursday I thought it would be fun for us all to dress up in green (however it has to have a Fremennik look to keep in with theme :P) just for the day ^^ The one with the best, yet still Fremennik looking costume, could be in the chance of winning a prize! :D


  • Midgard is running low on Warriors! If you think you have what it takes, apply within.
  • To anyone listed as N.C. (check your status on Members Tracker), in the event that you see this, somehow: You have limited time to contact us as a clan, to confirm you still intend on being a part of Midgard.
  • We need screenshots and extra information added to most of the member profiles. Come on Midgard, lets develop this Wikia, it's a team effort. - Thorvald.
  • Linking, lets have all the pages and names linked up together properly please - Thorvald. (Highlight the text in edit mode and press the link tab at top, it's a chain link symbol. - Bardor)
  • Lets get as much of Midgard as possible active on Wikia, checking it daily, spread the word - Thorvald.
  • Midgard's new Youtube page is up and running! For those of you who have accounts, go ahead and subscribe and send friend requests. Here is the link [1].

Fremennik of the week:

Karl, for calming down.

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