Emblem of Midgard

This is where people ranked as Warrior,and who are interested in becoming Honour Guard apply to be tested by Ralrak, our Fältherre.

Midgard currently has 2 Warriors and 1 Honour Guard, in keeping with the ratio of 4 Warriors per Honour Guard, this means there are 0 open slots for a new Honour Guard. (As of 06/03/11)

All interested Warriors, edit this page BELOW this line, put your name in.

Note: Please record your username only, not your Fremennik name.

  • ___________
  • ___________
  • ___________
  • ___________



  • At least Fremennik sea boots 2.
  • Completion of the quest Royal Trouble.
  • A maintained rank of Warrior.

Testing Phase One:

Obtain your own set of full spined and skeletal by making it yourself. No tutorial this time, good luck!

Testing Phase Two:

It's a secret! Upon informing Ralrak of your completion of Testing Phase One, you have approximately one day to complete Testing Phase Two. Trust no one in completing this task. No one will be able to tell you the true purpose of it, and it will only hurt your application.

Note: Completion of both testing phases does not guaruntee you the rank of Honour Guard.

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